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From the Holy Words of Kyabje Trijang Dorje Chang

The music that pleases an ocean of Protectors

Worldly and Transcendental Dharma Protectors.

Concerning the ones who show worldly aspects regardless to their transcendental nature ,as it is said in the chapter of 'Enlightenment the Uttaratantra,under the classification of types of refuges:

Like the jewel shines with various colors not belonging to him,

in the same way on the base of various conditions of beings,

The Buddhas appear in multiple forms different to that of


According to that,the Wish fulfilling Jewel is not of differentcolours,jet it transforms in many different color that are nothis.In the same way ,for the various families,faiths and desires of beings,the Buddhas that have abandoned all defects,sometime they manifest with body,speech and mind that appears like not having abandoned all defects.In impure environment,they emanate manifesting ordinary deluded worldly deluded forms and when they appear to Pure Beings they manifest like Transcendental Protectors of Transcendental Wisdom and in occasions of extreme purity they appear in form of the Non Dual Yuganaddha,the united pair.


Moreover also those who appear like enemy harming us,for somebody that meditates on the spiritual path,at the level of the common stage of the great scope,they appear like our beloved son and at the first level not common they appear trough the force of meditation like deities.When the special Bliss of the completion stage is generated in the mind,they appear in the mandala of space in form of Wisdom and Pure Lands.

Gradually when one obtains the Supreme Great Bliss,they appear in no other form that in the one of the Great Sambogakaya in the Pure Land of Akanishta,because their appearance like enemy has been cutted.

For example,like enemies that we do not want see or ear can eventually become friends from which we do not want to separate,all are nothing else than projections of our mind.

Like Jetzun Milarepa said:

This realization that what appears is an aspect of the mind:

When it is not realized,that's ignorance

That's the base of all karma and delusions.

If realized that is our Transcendental Wisdom,all positive qualities increase.

That's it.

In the same way,regarding this Dharma Protector,Emanated Gyalcen Dorje Shugden in the expression of the names of Manjusri it is said:

Glorious Illuminator of all forms!

Regent of all reflexes!

Therefore even if He can appear in any form worldly or Transcendental depending on the purity or impurity of our mind,in reality He is Arya Manjusri of the Wisdom Non Dual Mandala that appears with aggregates,elements,and fonts of consciousness purified,that manifests like a miracously powerfull wordldly protector.

Wrong assertions.

Not understanding these important points,some people,who falled under the influence of the wrong view of sectarianism,think and say that this Supreme Deity The Great Emanated Dharmapala,is not different from an ordinary spirit ghialpo or tsen that has an inferior form as result of having being a monk or a lay that died with negative karma.

They leave to entrust themselves to Him as Protector and laugh the others who do.

There are some who repeat this assertions without knowing anything.

But these words are nothing else than speculative boubles,why?

Because this Great Protector of the Teachings is known well as The Supreme Emanation of the Upper house of the Monastery of Drepung, Dragpa Ghyaltsen,that manifests in a wrathfull aspect,the prove is unfailing.

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